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Field Aerospace has more than 25 years of experience developing and delivering systems engineering and systems integration solutions to the U.S. government and aerospace and defense industry.

Through Field Aviation, we also provide engineering expertise spanning aircraft operations and avionics, test planning and execution, test instrumentation design and configuration, electrical and system design, as well as structural design and modification.

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Field Aviation designs, modifies and certifies aircraft for specialized roles across the globe. Our expertise is the missionization of commercial platforms for search and rescue, intelligence, surveillance and interdiction roles for both government and civilian customers.

We also develop system specific STCs for many different aircraft. Our capabilities include build-to-print parts manufacturing for aircraft OEMs and our own modifications. We are also a factory authorized repair, overhaul and sales center for many avionics equipment manufacturers.

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Oklahoma City, Okla. | Jan. 22, 2020

Oklahoma City, Okla., Jan. 22, 2020…Two T-1A prototypes modified by Field Aerospace flew home to their USAF station bases this week. Field Aerospace’s modernization includes updates to the avionics suite and adds Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) Out, eliminating avionics obsolescence issues.


With that delivery and the modification of an additional five Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) aircraft complete, Field Aerospace anticipates starting the next phase of the US Air Force T-1A avionics modification program—Full Rate Production (FRP)—when the first FRP trainer aircraft arrives at its Oklahoma City modification facility later this month.


On Jan. 16, USAF pilots picked up the two T-1A prototypes, a Combat System Officer (CSO) and Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) prototype, and returned to their home stations. The prototypes recently completed Air Education and Training Command (AETC) evaluations then returned to Field Aerospace for MD302 standby attitude module installations before flying home.


“Delivering the T-1A prototypes is a significant step toward advancing this avionics modification program,” said John Taylor, Field Aerospace Vice President and General Manager. “And we are excited to transition to full rate production.”


“We at Field Aerospace are excited about providing a modernized training aircraft to meet the needs for our future warfighters,” said Matt Carreon, Field Aerospace Sales Vice President.


Field Aerospace recently completed modification on five LRIP aircraft. Two of those modifications are receiving AETC familiarization and evaluations, two are undergoing Acceptance Check Flights (ACFs), and one is being repaired.

To date, Field Aerospace has modified seven T-1As. The first FRP modification will be the eighth of 177 trainers slated for the upgrade. The FAA approved the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the flight deck modernization on May 10, 2019.

Last spring, the USAF awarded Field Aerospace the contract to modernize the avionics on the entire T-1A trainer fleet plus 30 training devices. Field Aerospace is the prime contractor for this program, which includes subcontractors Nextant Aerospace, Collins Aerospace, FlightSafety International, and HEBCO.

The modernization updates the trainers to the Collins Aerospace Pro Line 21TM system and enables the T-1A fleet to meet the FAA’s ADS-B Out mandate to support the standing requirement to access the National Airspace System. The T-1A is a medium-range, twin-engine jet used for advanced-phase airlift and tanker pilot training. Most of the T-1A fleet supports SUPT, with the balance used for CSO training. They are stationed at five U.S. bases.

About Field Aerospace

Field Aerospace is an SBA-qualified small business operating in the U.S. (Field Aerospace) and Canada (Field Aviation). For more than 70 years, Field has been making ordinary aircraft extraordinary for commercial and military customers all over the world. Field is recognized as an industry leader in the design, integration, manufacture, installation, flight test, and certification of interior and exterior aircraft modifications and avionics upgrade programs. An award-winning avionics equipment dealer and authorized service center, Field offers aviation-related contractor logistics support and program management office support to the U.S. military; Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) modifications for special mission and maritime applications; and aerospace parts manufacturing and subassembly services.

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